Fish Selection box  - £20 -15pc

3 pc Torched Salmon nigiri - Topped with Japanese miso mayo, black sesame and siracha 


3pc soy marinated red mullet nigiri, topped with eel sauce and mustard cress

3pc spicy tuna mini ISO & cucumber topped with Japanese chili powder.

4pc teriyaki mushroom ISO, lambs lettuce and crispy shallots 

2pc Coriander seared tuna, mooli and lime

Veggie selection box - £15

13pc plus pickles

4pc Superfood Roll, Green beans, red pepper, avocado and samphire- 

(beetroot vinegar rice, Its bright purple)

3 pc Sweet potato nigiri topped with vegan mayo, spring onion and Koto Ginger Tare

3 pc Goma wakame seaweed Mini ISO

3pc Avocado Maki, jalapeno and coriander

Muki beans, Pickled red onion, pickled radish.